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OpenAir Pillow 3-Year Limited Warranty Overview

Coverage & Eligibility
OpenAir Pillow proudly offers a 3-Year Limited Warranty (the "Warranty") on your new OpenAir Pillow ("Product"), underscoring our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. This Warranty grants you specific legal rights, which may be complemented by other rights that vary by state.

The Warranty is exclusively available to you if: (a) you are the original purchaser and current owner of the Product; (b) the purchase was made directly from an authorized OpenAir Pillow channel, specifically our website; and (c) the pillow has been used solely for non-commercial, household purposes. Ownership proof via purchase receipt may be required for Warranty service.

Warranty Scope
This Warranty covers material and craftsmanship defects in the Product you purchased. Specifically, it addresses:

  • Physical flaws in the foam that result in splitting or cracking under normal use and care.
  • Manufacturing defects in the pillow cover, such as fabric tears or stitching issues.

Warranty Service
Should a defect covered by this Warranty arise, we will either repair or replace the defective Product or its components (e.g., pillow cover). The decision between repairing or replacing a component or the entire pillow lies at our discretion. Replacement items may vary in model, color, or style from the original due to availability. Repairs or replacements will not extend the original Warranty period nor start a new Warranty period.

Warranty Duration
This Warranty is valid for three (3) years from the date of purchase, with no reduction in coverage over time.

Excluded from this Warranty are issues due to normal wear and tear (like softening, firmness changes, fabric pilling, or compression), commercial use, and damages beyond ordinary household use and maintenance. For guidance on proper maintenance, contact us at info@openairpillow.com.

Additionally, this Warranty does not cover:

  • Shifts in personal comfort preferences.
  • Damage or misuse affecting the foam, scrim, and cover.
  • Stains, moisture damage, or burns.
  • Defects from any combinations of the above.