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The pillow

The pillow

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A pillow crafted with your health and comfort in mind. With its unique patented L-shaped design promoting a natural side-sleeping position and premium materials that cradle you in comfort, every detail is designed for your restful sleep. Whether you're battling snoring, seeking spinal alignment, or simply yearning for a deeper, more restorative sleep, this pillow is your solution.


  • Removable machine-washable cover is lightweight and breathable - no pillowcase needed
  • Naturally temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking fabric
  • Patented L-shape design offers complete comfort for multiple positions
  • Thoughtfully designed and made in the USA with imported materials



  • Feel - Soft, cushy and responsive
  • Inner fill - shredded foam/polyester fiber
  • Inner cover - white jersey knit polyester fabric
  • Outer cover - heather grey jacquard knit polyester fabric


  • The long part of the L is 32"
  • The short part of the L is 25.5"

CertiPUR-US® certification means our foam is free from harmful chemicals and gasses


Caring for your pillow is easy. We recommend washing your pillow cover before its first use.

  1. Remove the outer cover by unzipping it.
  2. Wash the outer cover with cold water, dark colors, and mild detergent on a gentle cycle. Do not bleach.
  3. Tumble dry using low heat or line dry.
  4. Do not wash the inner cover or inner fill.

Shipping & Returns

Ships free to your door within 2 to 5 business days.
Shipping fees apply to Hawaii and Alaska.

Warranty Details
Our confidence in our pillow is reflected in our simple 3-year limited warranty, which addresses manufacturing or craftsmanship flaws. If you notice anything wrong with your pillow, please reach out to us at or send a text to (833) 353-0202.

Our pillow comes with a 100-Night Sleep Trial and a hassle-free return process. If the pillow doesn't meet your expectations, email us at or text us at (833) 353-0202.

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How to side sleep with the pillow

While our pillow's design supports various sleeping positions to meet your comfort needs, we recommend the following method for maximum benefits:

  • Step 1: Set the foundation

    Position the long part of the L parallel to your back. This will support your spine's natural alignment as you rest on your side.

  • Step 2: Nestle in

    Lie on your side so that the short end of the L tucks snugly under your neck and head. Let the long part cushion your back, maintaining a cozy and stable sleeping posture.

  • Step 3: Secure your slumber

    Draw the longer length of the pillow close, allowing it to support your entire back. This helps maintain side sleeping throughout the night, giving you the full benefits of the pillow's design for a restful, restorative sleep.

100 nights to love it

Rest easy with our commitment to your comfort. If the pillow doesn't transform your sleep within 100 nights, we invite you to return it — free of charge, no questions asked.

Finally, a pillow with function and style

Let's face it: L-shaped pillows are unsightly. Our pillow seamlessly transitions from full-body support at night to space-saving elegance during the day. 

If you're wondering...

Do I need a pillowcase?

No, the pillow is designed with your convenience in mind. The removable and washable outer cover eliminates the need for a separate pillowcase, simplifying your bedding routine. 

Why is the pillow shaped like an L?

Our pillow is uniquely shaped like an L to support your head and back. It has a cushy head section to maximize upper body comfort and a supportive back section to prevent rolling on your back.

Why side sleeping?

Our pillow supports the principles of positional therapy, which suggests that side-sleeping may help improve sleep quality and reduce disturbances for some individuals. 

What is your return policy?

100 Night Sleep Trial

We want you to love your pillow. Period. If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, please contact us within 100 nights.

As a veteran-owned company, we will donate your returned pillow to a charity supporting active-duty military personnel, veterans, or first responders.

For full terms & conditions, click here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Great Pillow to stop the Snoring

I purchased this pillow as I am a snorer and my husband sleeps with ear plugs - I have used this pillow for 38 nights and my husband has stopped using ear plugs and says the pillow has helped with me, no longer snoring. I also sleep better during the night and feel more rested when I wake up in the morning. I will purchase another one for my daughter, as this has really helped with my restful nights. Thank you, Layne and Eric for introducing yourselves to me and my co-worker in CT and for sharing this amazing pillow information. My husband thanks you too for better night sleeping for both of us. Thank You!!!

Nick Portlance
Sleeping Better Then Ever!

I was a stomach sleeper and would wake up with lower back pain every morning, and my wife would constantly complain about my snoring. I tried uncomfortable mouth guards to stop snoring and propping pillows around me to change my sleep position. Nothing really worked and I would just end up on my stomach. Then I tried the Open Air Pillow! It did take a few nights for me to find the optimal position (for me that’s hugging the pillow) but after I found it I have been sleeping great. The pillow keeps me on my side well still feeling natural. The pain I had in the morning is gone and I wake up feeling refreshed. My wife has also told me that my snoring is almost non existent. I’m so glad I tried the Open Air Pillow!

Dr. Hu
Excellent Pillow

This pillow is incredible for positional sleep apnea, and the exceptional quality and comfort for people who have sleep breathing issues needing therapy should consider using this pillow as part of the standard regiment for improvement iof
of sleep quality,

Stomach Sleeper Certified

I am sleeping so well! I recently purchased the pillow and have been getting the best rest that I've had in awhile. It's incredibly comfortable, the cover is the perfect softness,  and it is the perfect durability for your head and neck. I have major back issues and must sleep on my stomach or I am in agony; it has been a wonder for getting me through the night with no further pain. 


Joann Amoroso

I have felt like i am finally getting a good nights sleep and waking up with emergy and feeling rested ! Live this pillow ! Cant recommend this pillow enough:)